Kaitlyn's Foundation 2013 Holiday

Are you looking for some great holiday gift ideas? The following holiday gifts will benefit Kaitlyn’s Foundation with every purchase:

“Homer the Racehorse” is a great gift for kids, teachers, families, grandchildren, libraries, therapy centers, children’s hospitals, etc. This is the story of a racehorse who ultimately finds his calling as a therapy horse. This is a short chapter book and has been rated for ages 8-12 for self readers, but is a fun book to read to younger children, too. Great stocking stuffer since it’s a paperback! Kaitlyn’s Foundation receives 40% of each book purchased through this link:

The Chick-fil-A 2014 Calendar is $8.00, but comes with well over $8.00 worth of coupons. Plus each month features a funny cow picture! Contact us to coordinate purchase & shipping/delivery. The Foundation receives 50% of each sale.

Photographer Keri Herer, a Foundation sponsor, is donating 50% of her profits from this horse print to the Foundation. Purchase here and she sends us the donation:

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